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PASSENGER RO–RO FERRY       12 01 14


On Monday morning, December 01st 2014, around 09:00, the Norwegian flagged ferry AFJORD, with a noticeable starboard list, was gently pulled off the rocks by two tugs at Finneset, between Hasvik and Oksfjord after having been aground for nearly thirteen hours. The crippled vessel was towed to nearby Oksfjord for an inspection and a damage report. A little bit more than an hour after the grounding, a large “Sea King” helicopter from Banak appeared and successfully rescued 11 passengers and the ferry’s crew of 4. The results of the inspection were good in that there were no holes or leakage in the hull, only a few minor dents here and there.

Tuesday, December 02nd was rather a bit more difficult for the operating ferry.