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The ferryboat has always been an important factor as a means of transporting countless passengers from one area to another, both for work and pleasure. Some boats are built for a short distance haul and may carry both vehicles and passengers in areas where a land bridge just isn’t feasible.

Then there are those ferries that will travel longer distances covering several or more hours and can be seen in the distance as gliding effortless amongst the calm waters of a large bay or down a long river skirting many an island. These transits offer a constantly changing scene to those who will enjoy the water’s never ending beauty and wonders. Overnight boats are generally larger with perhaps a considerable vehicle capacity along with cabins or deck chairs at a nominal fee and affordable dining facilities for the passenger and crew. 

To be noteworthy and lead long lives, their daily operation requires constant maintenance that is closely monitored by a well – trained crew, through their experience, and that of a good operating company. Easier said than done, you comment. You’re absolutely right.

Now you must add in the negative factors of perhaps the strong currents that are pushing you right along at a faster pace or pushing against you causing your vessel to be bucking the tide as we mariners refer to it as. Severe weather and human error can lead to unforeseen breakdowns. Then, of course there are those ferryboaters who might believe that their favorite boat actually has a soul! Be it as it may, in the following nautical briefs you’ll be able to read smidgens of FERRY NEWS here and there from various ferries around the world.

While most of the FERRY NEWS coverages on the MariPHAW website will be short and to the point, some of the more prominent incidents, resulting in human casualties and perhaps even the loss of the vessel, like that of the SEWOL and the more recent NORMAN ATLANTIC, will be heavily researched and noted in additional segments. Where there’s an on – going investigation MariPHAW will bring you updates as they become available. MariPHAW will in no way be held liable for the occasional inaccuracy that might slip through from our various worldwide sources.

We thank you for your interest in visiting on board and we hope to see you again and again on a regular basis. Periodically these FERRY NEWS briefs will be removed from this location and be stowed down below on the moldy oldie ARCHIVES DECK for your future reference.



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