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Witnessed for MariPHAW by Maritime Historians

J. Fred Rodriguez Jr.

The R.M.S. QUEEN MARY has led a very interesting life in the 000 000 days that has transpired from when she was first keeled down at John Browns until this posting on 30th March, 2018 / Through the darkened days of a world war to the triumphant departure from the Port of New York and the grand arrival in Long Beach, the QUEEN MARY has become a symbol of a ship’s endurance in the maritime industry / Back in the day, the 1930’s, she was amongst the largest things that could move under its own power / Today we can watch the tube and let our imaginations wander into the vast unknowns as we see Commander John Sheridan in charge of the s.s. [space station] BABYLON 5 making important decisions that’ll will scriptedly affect many in the future of way out there, wherever that is / Throughout the years I’ve gained many accesses to her decks both in New York and Long Beach and even all the way up to her crow’s nest, way up there / Once on board, most visitors will be immediately be affected by a little known and quite rare condition known as shipitus / Not to worry for its long–term remedy is always to be ON DECK more often / Keep in mind that “Cunard taught us what a ship should look like” / And if you know a little bit of educating maritime history and can enjoy a bit of wacky humor woven, then you can sit back and enjoy the third segment of this on–going series / ON DECK has been rated ‘E’ for excellence in the art of seafaring education and wackiness /

Continue to scroll down as MariPHAW gives you a glimpse of this classical trans–Atlantic luxury passenger liner that mostly ruled the North Atlantic but had been seen in many other worldly places both in war and peace during her proud thirty–one years under Cunard’s enduring houseflag / There will be several more segments to come that will cover the rather interesting and colorful continuing story of the R.M.S. QUEEN MARY /

Please be so kind and realize that all the DigiPics in this article have been photographed by J. Fred Rodriguez Jr., copyrighted and have been watermarked for added protection / If there is a copied DigiPic that is not owned by MariPHAW or JFR, then it will be noted / They too are not to be copied either for they are from private collections as noted / Thank you for your understanding and Enjoy!, Enjoy!, Enjoy! /

Copyrighted by J. Fred Rodriguez Jr. [0327098597]

Love those flags / To see them blowing in a gentle breeze on sailing day meant that the QUEEN MARY was fully dressed and about to go / However, not before a Maritime Historian accessed her weathered teak decks /

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