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Witnessed for MariPHAW by Maritime Historians

J. Fred Rodriguez Jr. & Hector L. Arroyo Jr.

MIAMI is a very interesting place to experience, especially from the naughty, err I mean nautical end of things / To watch the sunrise over the eastern Atlantic, breathing in that fresh morning salt air from offshore, watching a lone or perhaps a whole flock of pelicans gliding inches above the water’s surface or seeing a sailfish jumping off your port bow / Miami, not Yurami, needs to be experienced for its hidden charms /

Continue to scroll down as we give you a glimpse of this tropical wonder along with the Majestic Ladies that come and go on most days giving many a passenger and crew member above the keels, a better understanding of the seas beyond their sandy shores /

Please be so kind and realize that all the DigiPics on this web site have been photographed by J. Fred Rodriguez Jr., copyrighted and have been watermarked for added protection / Thank you for your understanding and Enjoy!, Enjoy!, Enjoy! /

 Copyrighted by J. Fred Rodriguez Jr. [031118–9543]

“Captain Robert at your service / Please wear your lifejacket at all times and be prepared to leave lunch back at the dock as I take you around the fabulous Port of Miami, not Yurami, at WARP speed / Beam us through Scotty too Hottie /

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Covered by J. Fred Rodriguez Jr. and Hector L. Arroyo

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MSC SEASIDE, Outbound Port of Miami, Florida, March 10th 2018

Copyright DigiPic by J. Fred Rodriguez Jr. [0308188179]

Proud president of MSC Cruises, Rick Sasso presenting an in depth view of the evolution of the passenger ship industry from the mighty trans–Atlantic greyhounds of yesteryear to that of today’s modern mega cruise ships / Having been involved with ships and shipping most of his life, his live presentation at SeaTrade 2018 rivaled some of today’s best Maritime Historians /

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MSC SEASIDE A new concept dream has been transferred into a reality /